A Balancing Act - Tips By @beachykj

Nowadays, having a side hustle (or two, or three) is considered to be normal. Not surprisingly, many of the creators with whom we work consider content to be just that. Figuring out the balance between content creation and other tasks is the key to success.

One of our influencers, Katherine a.k.a. @beachykj works full-time as the Director of Marketing and Partnerships for Startup Festival. She frequently travels between Montreal and Calgary for work (and yes, she’s the carry-on queen - for more on that, you need to read this), and in addition to this, she creates content on social media and maintains her blog. Since she makes it look oh so easy, we thought we’d ask her for a couple tips on how she juggles it all:

1. Keep your calendar clean and set reminders. If you’re organized, time is never the problem.

An Instagram campaign can be broken down into small tasks such as brainstorming, image creation, content submission, and reporting. With multiple campaigns going on at the same time, it’s easy to lose track of what’s due. Whether you’re the write-everything-in-your-planner type or totally rely on your phone, find the best solution that fits your lifestyle.

2. Set aside time in a week to get multiple pieces of content done. It’s easier to do this in one chunk rather than trying to fit it into your day!

This goes hand in hand with time management. Take a look at the content due the following week and get all of your content done over the weekend. If you do have a stressful job, that can sometimes stifle creativity, so weekends provide more time and calm to really think through your creative direction. Plus, you’ll be able to focus on your day job during the week.

3. When you’re at work, be at work. It’s hard to be good at something when you’re spreading yourself too thin. Focus on the task at hand, and then when you’re working on social media, you can also give that your full attention!

We, at Counter Culture, understand how important timeliness is when working on brand collaborations. That’s why we take care of negotiations, contracts, content submission, invoices, and more, on behalf of our creators. Are you a creator looking for help with managing your social media? Shoot us an email at info@countercutlure.agency